Murder in Masquerade

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Published by: Berkley
Release Date: February 20, 2024
ISBN13: 9780593548783


Extra, extra, read all about it! Countess turned advice columnist Amelia Amesbury finds herself playing the role of sleuth when a night at the theater turns deadly.

Victorian Countess Amelia Amesbury’s secret hobby, writing an advice column for a London penny paper, has gotten her into hot water before; after all, Amelia will do whatever it takes to help a reader in need. But now, handsome Marquis Simon Bainbridge desperately needs her assistance. His beloved younger sister Marielle has written Lady Agony seeking advice on her plans to elope with a man her family does not approve of. Determined to save his sister from a scoundrel and the family from scandal, Simon asks Amelia to dissuade her from the ill-advised gambit.

But when the scoundrel makes an untimely exit after a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto, Amelia realizes there’s much more at stake than saving a young woman’s reputation from ruin. It’s going to take more than her letter-writing skills to help the dashing marquis, mend the familial bond, and find the murderer. Luckily, solving problems is her specialty!


"Enjoy the charming characters, a touch of romance, and an unexpected denouement." --Kirkus Reviews


“Lady Agony’s second outing is a refreshing libation of mystery, wit, and Victorian society, with a twist of romance. Dear Reader, you will ask for another!” –Dianne Freeman, Agatha Award winning author of the Countess of Harleigh mystery series


"Mary Winters’ storytelling prowess shines, enhanced by the inclusion of Lady Agony’s columns at the start of each chapter, offering poignant insights into the human condition." --The Book Decoder


"The mystery was a challenge, and kept me guessing. I especially enjoyed the humor woven in; one scene in particular was an incredibly funny situation for a Lady and a Marquis to be found in!" --Open Book Society