Murder in Masquerade

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Published by: Berkley
Release Date: February 20, 2024
ISBN13: 9780593548783


Extra, extra, read all about it! Countess turned advice columnist Amelia Amesbury finds herself playing the role of sleuth when a night at the theater turns deadly.

Victorian Countess Amelia Amesbury’s secret hobby, writing an advice column for a London penny paper, has gotten her into hot water before; after all, Amelia will do whatever it takes to help a reader in need. But now, handsome Marquis Simon Bainbridge desperately needs her assistance. His beloved younger sister Marielle has written Lady Agony seeking advice on her plans to elope with a man her family does not approve of. Determined to save his sister from a scoundrel and the family from scandal, Simon asks Amelia to dissuade her from the ill-advised gambit.

But when the scoundrel makes an untimely exit after a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto, Amelia realizes there’s much more at stake than saving a young woman’s reputation from ruin. It’s going to take more than her letter-writing skills to help the dashing marquis, mend the familial bond, and find the murderer. Luckily, solving problems is her specialty!


"Enjoy the charming characters, a touch of romance, and an unexpected denouement." --Kirkus Reviews


“Fans of Dianne Freeman’s Countess of Harleigh mysteries will enjoy.”

 –Library Journal 


“Lady Agony’s second outing is a refreshing libation of mystery, wit, and Victorian society, with a twist of romance. Dear Reader, you will ask for another!” –Dianne Freeman, Agatha Award winning author of the Countess of Harleigh mystery series


"Mary Winters’ storytelling prowess shines, enhanced by the inclusion of Lady Agony’s columns at the start of each chapter, offering poignant insights into the human condition." –The Book Decoder


"The mystery was a challenge, and kept me guessing. I especially enjoyed the humor woven in; one scene in particular was an incredibly funny situation for a Lady and a Marquis to be found in!" –Open Book Society


“Winters balances sleuthing and romantic tension perfectly. Amelia is an irresistible heroine, demonstrating independence and sensitivity in her life and in her secret profession as an advice columnist.”

 –I Like Old Books


“This one stood out for the advice column as a way to get readers ‘in the door’ as it were—it had a little overtones of Bridgerton with the advice column—but readers will stay for the charming characters and mystery!”

–The Lit Bitch


“The mystery itself was clever, and I enjoy the letters that start each chapter. The dialogue is full of witty banter—Amelia is quite funny as a character and she continues to be a delight throughout the book.”



“The characters in this series are fantastic. I enjoyed the mystery, manners, and hint of romance.”

–All the Lovely Pages


“This was a delightful historical mystery! Well-plotted and intriguing, this has lovely characters and a dash of romance.”

–Read This and Steep


“This novel has a wonderful mix of mystery, humor, and lovely banter. I found myself turning pages and guessing up to the end of the story.”

–Becky’s Bookshelves


“Y’all, what a great book! I love it . . . The characters are engaging, the banter witty, the red herrings clever. Amelia reminds me of another Victorian era Amelia, found in Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series . . .”

–Jane Reads


“This is such a delightfully charming historical mystery. Suspects and red-herrings abound in this plot and I had no idea who the culprit was! This series should be on your TBR lists!”

–Sarah Can’t Stop Reading Books


“I absolutely adored Murder in Masquerade by Mary Winters. It’s the second book in the Lady of Letters mystery series. Though you can read this on its own, I recommend reading Murder in Postscript first since you get so much background information in that one! It’s delightful too!”

–Christy’s Cozy Corners


“Mary Winters continues to deliver a clever and entertaining Victorian mystery in the Lady of Letters Mysteries’ sophomore novel, Murder in Masquerade. Vibrant characters, a well-plotted murder investigation, witty humor, and even some delicious dashes of romance had me wishing to stay in this world indefinitely, not wanting the story to end.”

–Reading is my Reading Is My SuperPower


“A wonderful whodunnit by Mary Winters, a fun and yet sometimes madcap adventure, Murder in Masquerade is a thoroughly delightful, masterfully intriguing, and extremely well-told historical mystery of the highest caliber.”

–Novels Alive


“I recommend Murder in Masquerade for fans of historical mysteries, cozy mysteries, the Victorian era, and British manor house settings.”

–View from the Birdhouse


“A fast-paced and captivating historical mystery that should be on every cozy reader’s list. Five-Stars!”

–The Mystery of Writing


“Murder in Masquerade” by Mary Winters is a delightful Victorian mystery that combines romance, intrigue, and a touch of humor to create a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

–Review Thick and Thin


“The Lady of Letters is a historical mystery series and the female characters are bound by the societal rules of Victorian England. That being said, I love how almost all of the female characters push those boundaries of propriety. In a series that has it all MURDER IN MASQUERADE brings the best of historical drama with witty repartee, fantastic characterization, and a thrilling mystery.”
–Cozy Up With Kathy


“I didn’t have the villain pegged at all, and that’s always a mark of a good mystery to me. I like not knowing and the suspense of it all.”

–Lady With A Quill